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Ten Environmental Commandments

Employees SEF CR are aware that their employer is the institution which, as a whole, contributes to the protection of the environment and sustainable development with regard to the environment. Therefore, they responsibly consider their needs and actively involved are protecting the environment by respecting and adhering the following principles:

  1. I economize the office equipment and during the exercise my activities I always use only the necessary amount. 
  2. I economize paper. I use electronic communication media, I do not print unnecessarily, I use double-sided printing and use recycled paper.
  3. I sort waste. For this purpose I use  bins for collecting paper, glass and plastics that are available in building of SEF CR.
  4. I use things repeatedly. I try to minimize the amount of produced waste. I supplement refills. I use repeatedly the euro covers, folders, etc.
  5. I do not waste water, heat or electricity. I regulate temperature in the office building of SEF CR according to my needs by using thermoregulation valve.
  6. I do not use lights unnecessarily. I switch over computers, printers and copiers to standby mode and  when I am leaving the work place I have been turning them off.
  7. When I am traveling within my working time I am using public transport. When I am planning a business trip I always consider an appropriate means of transport, with regard to all aspects of the mission.
  8. I monitor the news on legislation and environment, and possibilities of its protection. I use them in service to my workplace.
  9. I participate in ongoing training activities in the area of environmental legislation within the options and menus of employer.
  10. I communicate with my partners, so they also found other ways to protect and positively impact on the environment. I utilize a well established system of ISO 14001:2004.

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