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State Environmental Fund of CR obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

State Environmental Fund in effort to develop a management system according to ISO standards went up to the introduction of an integrated quality and environmental management standards ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2004.

Within the scope of this proces SEF CR passed the certification audit by Det Norske Veritas on May 24th -25th 2007. The audit stated the system as a good quality, with conclusion 'no disagreements'. Based on the audit, SEF CR had been awarded a certificate by the certification company and on July 30th 2007 it was handed over. The certificate refers to 'The Administration and Control of Funds Provided for Environmental Projects Supported by National Programmes and EU Funds' and 'Consultation Activities in the Implementation of Supported Projects'.

By the introduction of an integrated system of quality and environmental management according to standards ISO, SEF CR wants to contribute to the continuous improvement of the standard of quality service.  

Quality and environmental policy is mandatory for each employee of SEF CR and is defined as follows:

The level of satisfaction with the work of the Fund  


  • High level of satisfaction with the work of the Fund is within the scope of the management one of the main aims of the SEF CR. Its basic fulfillment is based on providing quality services and information by SEF CR and individually then a similar approach by professionally trained and experienced staffs and their efforts always positively interact with customers in accordance with individually defined target groups.
  • Based on needfulness of high customer's satisfaction, SEF CR seeks to exclude serious causers for complaints from customers on the organization's activities as a whole and as its individual employees.

Quality of Management of SEF CR


  • Management of SEF CR and other managing employees are personally responsible for ensuring the observance of quality and environmental management systems and for creating the conditions for continual improvement.
  • Management of SEF CR continuously informs employees about the objectives, tasks and general direction of the organization.
  • Management of SEF CR  creates by continuous introduction of new information technologies suitable working environment, which motivates employees to a high quality of their work.
  • Management of SEF CR creates by a comprehensive approach to a system of continuous education and information transmission suitable conditions for perpetual staff development and for overall development of the working teams SEF CR. 
  • Management of SEF CR claims a responsible approach to environment, safety and health at work. They try their actions at the field of environmental protection to lead by an example and allow the employees  to be an active part of the process of environmental protection - publishes Ten Environmental Commandments.
  • Management of SEF CR and other managing employees improves their management skills and expertise by a continuos education.

The level of  final product

  •  The final product in the service form must be offered in the highest possible quality and must come out from the customers, partners and even authorities of the public service needs.
  • The setting high standards of service and their constant increase wants SEF CR achieve consistently high positive evaluation from all customers and partner. At the same time wants SEF CR achieve a favorable rating from the control and audit institutions and associations at national and EU level.

The level of environmental impact

  • SEF CR staff is fully committed to the principles of sustainable development.
  • SEF CR staff ensure compliance with existing legislation and consider the protection of the environment and the additional requirements in this area.
  • SEF CR staff regularly review the effect of their activities on the environment and give truthful information about its impact on the environment, work environment and occupational health.
  • Management of SEF CR is gradually trying to focus on suppliers who do demonstrably  behave responsibly to the environment.

The level of  the staff's professional maturity

  • The high level of professional maturity of the staff and their responsible approach to the tasks are essential for achieving the final product in the form of services.
  • A prerequisite for good performance of the activities is the satisfaction of staff, their sense of belonging to the organization and the possibility of their permanent personal and professional development.
  • Staff are personally involved in quality observance of tasks SEF CR, for their implementation and have full personal responsibility, which, in turn, corresponds to a system of evaluation.
  • All employees are personally co-responsible for their professional growth and they use all available conditions, which are created by the Management of SEF CR.
  • All employees  apply the principles of positive communication in the exercise of their activities, namely, to customers even to the working team.




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