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Libor Michálek is the new CEO of the State Environmental Fund CR

On August 5th the Minister of Environment has appointed Libor Michálek the CEO of the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic. He has replaced Petr Štěpánek at this post.

On August 4th Minister Pavel Drobil had a meeting with Mr. Petr Štepánek. After the discussion on the work and future aims of the Fund they had decided to terminate the cooperation by August 5th 2010. Minister Drobil thanked Mr. Petr Štěpánek for previous service.

On August 5th the Minister has appointed Mr. Libor Michálek the CEO of the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic. Mr. Michálek should start new period of this institution and set to work on the further building-up the „Green Bank".

After the termination of the subsidy programmes of EU,  SEF CR will further support the projects for improving the environment and herewith the life and health the citizens of CR.

CV of Mr. Libor Michálek

He was born in 1968 in Náchod. After passing the grammar school in Přerov he has succesfully graduated from the  Faculty of Science at Palacký University Olomouc and the Management Programme at Masaryk University in Brno.

He worked as a broker for the National Property Fund, for Ministry of Finance at Capital Market Supervision, at the Securities Commission as a director of Collective Investment Department the same possition he held at Czech National Bank, at World Bank he  worked as a Consultant for Licencing Standards. At SEF CR he is comming from the post of Expert for financial market supervision by the CNB.

Libor Michálek also dealt with the publication and dissemination activities in the field of real estate funds and collective investment. He undertook an international study tours and work experience in London and Luxembourg. He has received a certificate ‘Optimization work manager‘ for the Office of Government and a certificate ´Management and technology leadership´ at Hewlett Packard.



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