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National Programmes

National Programmes

The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic provides grants from national sources to support projects that cannot be supported from the EU funds within the Operational Programme of Environment or from the Green Savings programme within the so-called National Programmes. The support is provided to applicants following the Ministery of Environment Regulation no.6/2010 on grants administration from the sources of the State Environmental Fund which is valid from May 1, 2010.

 The support is provided to applicants under art. 3 and art. 4 of the Act, regarding commitments of the Czech Republic related to its EU membership, international agreements and regarding the state environmental policy. The support is especially aimed at the areas of water protection; waste treatment; air protection and quality; renewable energy resources; countryside care; environmental education, training, edification and consultancy; research, development, production and implementing suitable technologies and actions; and scientific and technological development in the environmental area.

The form and aim of the support is set in the Attachments of the Ministery of Environment Regulation on grants and funding from the State Environmental Fund's resources (further refered to as "Attachment" only), which are an indivisible part of this Regulation in the given period. The support is provided in the form of dotations or loan or a combination of dotation and loan.

 The form and aim of the support is set by the Ministery of Environment based on so-called "Attachments". The attachments of the Ministery of Environment Regulation on grants and funding from the State Environmental Fund's resources (further refered to as "Attachment" only) are indivisible part of this Regulation in the given period.

Currently it is possible to apply for a support/grant based on:

Supplement I

where an application may be submitted for projects in the area of ozone layer protection. The subject of such support are projects with remarkable positive influence on the Earth's ozone layer protection. The threshold value is defined as Czk per 1kg of ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) emissions and low GWP (Global Warming Potential). These values are formulated separately for each appeal. The aim of this support is also measurement and monitoring of the ozone layer.

Supplement II

according to which the Czech Agency of Countryside and Nature Protection and the National Parks' management may apply for a dotation for estate buyout. The target of this programme is to ensure effective nature protection in the most precious part of the Czech Republic by means of these professional institutions.

Supplement III

where a dotation may be given for the environmental education, edification and consultancy. This programme is divided into three areas:

  •  The investment support of environmental education, edification and consultancy programme for the region NUTS II Prague
  •  The non-investment support of environmental consultancy center's development programme
  •  The non-investment support of current environmental issues projects programme

Supplement IV

municipalities, unions of municipalities, non-enterpreneur subjects and natural persons may apply for dotation for a small extent procuration in the area of national parks regarding touristic infrastructure, tip removing, small sewage plants build-up, the green revitalization, environmental consultancy etc.


The support within this programme is provided in four sub-programmes:

  • non-investment environmental education, trainig, edification and consultancy
  • the support of energetical autarchy of cities in the area of national parks
  • the support of small extent procuration
  • the support increase from the Fund in case of co-financing from OPE

Supplement V

support in the area on water monitoring, from which a support may be provided to: state organizations and state enterprises, territorially autonomous units, allowance organizations, research organizations, which ensure methodology and monitoring of selected indicators of ecological state of water

Supplement VI

 the support of particular car wreck treatment system. This programme is intended for corporate bodies as well as for natural persons eligible for business in hazardous waste treatment, then for territorially autonomous units, allowance organizations, and allowance organizations of territorially autonomous units.

Supplement VII

the support for research workplaces which may be used for project proposals preparation in the 7th general programme with the environment priority and other projects financed from other EU funds in the environmental area

Supplement VIII

public research insitutions may use the dotation for procuration leading towards the enrichment and empowering of greens diverzity, focused on endangered domestic and culturaly important non-productive plants and for raising the public knowledge in this area

Supplement IX

dotation for municipalities awarded in the contest "Village of the Year - Green ribbon" and "Green Ribbon of the CR"



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