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Swiss Funds

Swiss Funds

The Swiss-Czech cooperation programme enables the Czech Republic to receive financial assistance from Switzerland until 2017, in the amount of 109.78 million Swiss francs, which is roughly 1.9 billion Czech crowns.

Of this amount, roughly 30 million francs, i.e. nearly half a billion crowns, is designated for the area of the environment and infrastructure. The implementation of this area of support was entrusted to the Ministry of the Environment. The Ministry entrusted a set of tasks to the State Environmental Fund to realize according to the Delegation Contract.

From a regional perspective, the implementation has to follow condition of concentration on  three periphetal and less developed regions in which at least 30% of the contribution shall be spent (Moravia-Silesia, Olomouc and Zlin regions).

The open call was published on 16 April, with the deadline for application submission being 16 July 2010.



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