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Green Savings Programme

Green Savings Programme

The Green Savings Programme

The Green Savings programme focuses on supporting environmentally sound methods for  producing heat and hot water for households, reducing the energy intensity of residential buildings (comprehensive or partial thermal insulation) and constructing passive houses.

The Czech Republic obtained fi nancial resources for this programme through selling ‘Emission Credits' under he Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A total allocation of up to CZK 25 billion is nvisaged for the programme. Aid can be drawn until the end of 2012.

Aid can be obtained by individuals, associations of flat owners, housing cooperatives, towns and municipalities including town districts, businesses and other legal entities. Detailed information about the programme is vailable at

Objectives of the Green Savings programme

  • reducing CO2 emissions by 1.1 tonnes, i.e. by 1% of all Czech emissions, and reducing particulate matter pollution by 2.2 million kg;
  • reducing the amount of heat required for heating by 6.3 PJ (i.e. heating-cost savings for households amounting to several billion crowns a year) and increasing heat production from renewable energy sources by 3.7 PJ;
  • creating or maintaining 30,000 jobs;
  • improving the housing conditions for 250,000 households.



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