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Foreign Cooperation

The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic has continued to cooperate with foreign colleagues from many countries. This cooperation began years earlier. For the first time a Mongolian delegation composed of representatives from four ministries, including the Secretary of the Minister of the Environment, was invited in 2008. Twice, the director, Štěpánek, has been invited to Mongolia to present our experience and knowledge. The first visit, in September 2009, led to the signing of a Memorandum on Mutual Cooperation. The Mongolians are very interested in our know-how and this cooperation still runs deep.

The most signifi cant cooperation with regard to future prospects and success already achieved was conducted with the Vietnamese Environment Protection Fund (VEPF). In Prague on June 2008 a Round Table discussion on the development of cooperation between the Czech Republic and Vietnam in the area of the environment was organized and this meeting featured the signing of a Memorandum on Mutual Cooperation between the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic and the VEPF. Shortly thereafter, a Czech delegation was invited to Vietnam for the Da Nang I conference. Cooperation with VEPF has already shown considerable results. Our know-how is held in high esteem in Vietnam. Shared successes are presented at international conferences. One of the tangible outputs is a published book, ‘Vietnam: Projects, Nature and People‚ and a shor movie with the same title presented at Da Nang II conference in Vietnam in 2009. Also director Štěpánek took part in a working meeting at the Institute of International Relations on priorities of developmental cooperation between the Czech Republic and Vietnam on the occasion of the offi cial trip of representatives of the Vietnam Committee for Foreign NGO Aff airs (COMINGO) and the People's Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM).

Last but not least is the Czech-Japanese cooperation. By the agreement on the sale of 40 million Kyoto carbon emissions of 2009, SEF CR hold an annual international seminar on 'Japanese low carbon technologies'.

The SEF CR also cooperates with Serbia, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, China, Ukraine and other countries.

On 10 March each year, the SEF CR also hangs a Tibetan flag in support of the independence of Tibet.


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